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The eQuest Feed option is an easy way to configure a new job board within the eQuest system. eQuest can then make any jobs posted to that board available to the board via the Feed URL.

There is a minimal amount of setup involved on the client side before job postings can be made available in the XML Feed.

XML Feed Configuration

 1  Client makes request to eQuest for access to job board
 2 eQuest support sets up new job board
 3 eQuest support allows new job board to client
 4 Client sets up new board instance which includes a Feed URL which includes unique API key
 5 Feed URL is provided to job board - example Feed URL format: http://jobfeed.equest.com/1.0/boards/6rgf7ll2bl9d54ep2e9ajfltvg/jobs
 6 Client allows board option to users/recruiters
 7 Users/recruiters select desired boards per requisition
 8 If that new board is selected, the postings are made available in the feed instantaneously 
Important Things to Note (PLEASE READ)
 This is a Full-replace file that contains all active postings. 
 Active means the posting is still within the board posting period and that it has not been explicitly deleted by the client (you must tell us how long jobs remain active by default).
 Postings that have been deleted or expired will be removed from this Full-replace feed. Only ADDs and UPDATEs for active postings will be included in this XML feed.
 Postings are made available in the XML feed immediately after being posted. It's up to the board how often they want to check for new postings/updates.
 If a Posting is deleted and reposted it will likely use the same requisition number, but will carry a different eQuest Internal Posting ID (eQuest Internal Job ID may or may not change).
 eQuest Internal Job ID and eQuest Internal Posting ID should not be published on the job ad. Clients prefer the Requisition Number to be published on the board as these eQuest ID's are not seen by clients.
 Fields that are listed as Required will always contain a value in the job XML as those fields are required in eQuest.
 Any field that is not listed as Required may not contain a value in the XML.
 The jobs may or may not contain HTML formatting. It's up to the client and their ATS if HTML is used. We make the job available in the format that was received. 
 Our clients always prefer that candidates apply via the Job Apply URL vs Job Apply Email. 
 Email should only be used if the URL is not allowed. Please let us know if the URL is not allowed.
 The Feed URL is specific to each client instance of the board. A client can have multiple instances of the same board. Each instance would have a unique Feed URL.
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